Product Playlist #6 ✨ CEO WORKWEAR FOR BOSS WOMEN⚡️

Female Founder Series: Introducing Holdette by Sarah Greisdorf ⚡️

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We’re baaackkk! 🥳 We LOVED the amazing feedback you gave us last year and we’ve been working hard on the side to build this into something more. Until that launch, we wanted to revive this newsletter because although it is a new year, let’s be real - our retail therapy and need for good, authentic products has not changed.

And if you wanted a refresher of who we were - here’s a little (re)intro.

Welcome to Revele’s Product Playlist Newsletter ✨ Here we highlight some of the favorite products of our generation because we believe that products are things that you buy for yourself and are an expression of your most authentic self.  So want to help you find your next favorite products! Here for the first time?

Introducing Female Founder Series

We are starting this year strong with a brand new series featuring Boss Female Founders who are building some amazing brands and products from fashion to skincare and are changing narratives of how things are done traditionally. We will be featuring a new founder and their brand each week and we would love if our community could support these founders, especially in these trying times ☺️

Female Founder Series: Introducing Holdette by Sarah Greisdorf ⚡️

Work looks different, workwear should too.

Yeah, we know most of us are still WFH lounging in our sweatpants from college - but let us tell you - those days that you decide to put on that cute outfit and get ready (or use Zoom beauty filters 🤗) are gamechanger days. The number of Slack messages that will flood you on your look will be just the serotonin you need to chug through another day of meetings.

What’s so cool about Holdette’s workwear is that it not only looks good and makes you feel good, but is also just practical and functional with not one or two but 8(!!) functional pockets. Why it has taken soooo long for womenswear to get pockets I will not understand but thank god there is finally a suit with this.

What’s even more amazing is that Holdette launched their community Back Pocket this past Spring, providing resources for women entering the workforce for the first time. Entering the workforce the first time is hard for anyone, and having a community to back you up and go to for advice (especially in these virtual times) would be so helpful 💖 Check them out here:


In 2017, when Founder Sarah Greisdorf realized the inequality between men’s and women’s pockets especially in workwear, she decided to do something about it. After several years of learning, sharing, laughing, and well even crying, they are doing the damn thing!

FUN FACT: Sarah Launched her first range of products just last week! Here are the products from her latest collection!!




Your favorite new suit. Functional, fitting, and fashionable, the Leslie Suit is perfect for your day job, zoom interviews, and networking calls.



Your favorite new blazer. Functional, fitting, and fashionable, the Leslie Blazer is perfect for your day job, zoom interviews, and networking calls



Your favorite new pants. Functional, fitting, and fashionable, the Leslie Pants are perfect for suiting up or mixing and matching with your casual wardrobe staples



A mask to match your suit! This mask matches our Leslie Blazer and Pants perfectly because they are made out of the exact same material! These masks are limited edition as they were made by our very own in-house designer, Cameryn!


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