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Female Founder Series: Introducing Minima Basics by Joanne ⚡️

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Is it just us or has January been the longest month ever 😅 Going back into that work grind after the holidays (yeah we know it’s already end of Jan…) has been a chore. However it’s 2021 and we’re taking control of our surroundings (✨positive vibes ✨) - and one way to start is to turn your workspace into something you WANT to work at 🤍💖 That’s why we’re SO excited share our next brand Minima Basics by Joanne.

And as a little thank you for our subscribers we’re thankful to Joanne for a special 15 % off code: welcome15 - use it here!

Here’s hoping your February is a little better - and filled with lots of love 😘 And if you wanted a refresher of who we were - here’s a little (re)intro.

Welcome to Revele’s Product Playlist Newsletter ✨ Here we highlight some of the favorite products of our generation because we believe that products are things that you buy for yourself and are an expression of your most authentic self.  So want to help you find your next favorite products! Here for the first time?

Female Founder Series: Introducing Minima Basics by Joanne⚡️

In Joanne’s own words-

It's Joanne here, a self-motivated entrepreneur that has a clear vision and mission: to help woman creatives stay on track and motivated, through organizing with intention. 

Minima Basics is a female-founded company. Whether you are a fempreneur, a creative, a side-hustler, or simply a woman who appreciates the importance of aesthetic organizers. Minima Basics has all the goods to get your mind on task and the creative juices flowing.

Minima Basics offers a range of desk organizers in acrylics and marble along with other stationery must-haves! All of the pieces are designed personally by me, with deep-thought intention


Acrylic 2 drawers storage box


Perfect for the female entrepreneur who is looking for an efficient way to store her essential items and find what she needs at a glance.

Both aesthetically pleasing and functional, our versatile stackable storage box helps you find precisely what you need without having to endlessly sift through a cluttered drawer (ew). The highly transparent acrylic means you can know exactly where to go. AND motivates you to throw out all those old notes or expired make-up you don’t need anymore!

Marble mini pencil case with gold zipper


Fans of luxurious and minimalist designs will love this modern marble-print finish paired with gold hardware. TheA must-have to house all of your writing essentials. The modern marble mini pencil case is the perfect accessory to ensure you always keep your tools readily available and neatly organized in one place when you need it. Choose from a stylish black or white marble design style.

Acrylic pen and sticky notes organizer set - Minima Basics x Poi & Hun


Created for the busy boss babe who knows exactly what she wants and how she wants to smash them.

Made in collaboration with Poi & Hun, our latest acrylic piece offers even more versatility. This completely transparent organizer has 3 slots of varying width to fit your pens and sticky-notes to quickly jot down that million-dollar idea! Perfect for make-up brushes, pens, accessories and more- whatever you use in your daily tool kit to take on the world!

Ceramic marble pen holder desk organizer


Combining both beauty with function, this ceramic marble pen holder is an ideal decorative accessory that keeps your writing essentials neatly organized and at your fingertips. The ceramic marble pen holder desk organizer is an elegant and practical addition to your office space. Each pen holder comes in two marble colors.

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