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TikTok Made Me Buy It

If there’s one thing for sure, there probably hasn’t been a single day this quarantine where you have heard of the app TikTok. Whether you’re an active creator or just like to watch for fun, you can’t deny the fun, real, feel of the app. TONs of people recommend products on TikTok, but how many times have you taken a screenshot or saved a video only to lose it?

Who hasn’t seen the famous D’amelio sisters on TikTok? We stan Charli and Dixie 👑

Product Playlist By Sriya✨

Sriya is a Gen-Z techie who grew up in the Bay Area loving music, media, and loves to try new things. Recently, she has found herself fascinated with the world of TikTok and rising Gen-Z platforms, and loves to research on this rising generation. Below is a list of products Sriya has bought or are on her list to buy.


Price: $25.97

Product Notes: This LED strip lights has 20 multicolored options, with 44keys multi-function infrared remote control, and more led light modes for your choice, This RGB Led strip lights kit can change colors and speed automatically and periodically.

Ring Light

Price: $24.99

Product Notes:  AIXPI ring light comes with tripod stand & cell phone holder, it can help you whenever you need extra light for making up, taking photos, making videos, reading books, and live streaming! Includes adjustable brightness, universal phone holder, USB powered.

Water Bottle with Time Marker

Price: $19.99

Product Notes:  💧 Includes reminders to hydrate ,🌱 BPA free, and Drop proof!

Sky Lite Galaxy Lights

BlissLights SKY Lite laser galaxy projector - Blue stars

Price: $59.99

Product Notes: Includes Blue nebula cloud, Tilting base, multiple brightness settings, 6hr timer, and USB cord with a wall adapter.

Dinosaur Light

Price: $12.99

Product Notes: Endless enjoyment - enough said 🦖

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